buy viagra online canadian pharmacy The Intelligent Data Analytical Processor - IDAP

Who Benefits with IDAP?

Solara's buy isotretinoin isotretinoin online IDAP technology approaches network monitoring and analytics using a unique perspective based upon the aggregation of otherwise disparate network data at the transaction/data exchange level, providing the following value adds for the following areas.  This list is far from exhaustive.

IT Finance / CIO

  • Powerful Charge-back capability
  • Defend cost allocations with actual usage data
  • Drive user behavior to optimize utilization and minimize cost
  • Identify and Track trends and their sources
  • Network cost transparency for compliance and enterprise risk management
  • True cost of ownership/ROI based on actual usage
  • Definable usage shifts and rates to isolate peak and none peak traffic
  • Supports M&A efforts
  • Automate IT finance report processes


  • Data to support compliance and forensic reporting
  • Detect unidentified and/or unauthorized traffic and users
  • Detect unauthorized protocols and/or services
  • Analytics to what applications, users, departments and customers are using
  • Identify what users are accessing application servers and other resources and from where
  • Build behavior profiles and predictive models

Networking/Managed Service Providers

  • Eliminate under-utilized assets
  • Detect overloaded network components
  • Establish trend analysis as 'early warning' of potential capacity issues
  • Measure true application and infrastructure utilization
  • Track usage by organizational departments or business units

IT Application Management

  • End-to-end application mapping based upon actual transaction-level exchanges
  • Determine aggregate network performance across all platforms, environments, geographies and business units
  • Determine if your network is ready for the launch of a new service
  • Plan vital maintenance windows to minimize business disruption
  • Ensure rapid and successful deployment of new technologies
  • Track usage by organizational departments or business units

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