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Implement IDAP Your Way

We know that no two businesses are the same and everyone has specific goals they need to achieve.  Whether you're a multi-national corporation,  a managed services provider,  a software or hardware developer or a small auditing team with a specific mission, IDAP has the implementation solution to fit your needs and budget.

IDAP Enterprise
Install IDAP in your enterprise.  IDAP provides processing and data warehouse capability to enable it to scale to meet any implementation requirements and is fully supported by Solara's IDAP team.  IDAP can be easily installed in your existing server or VM environment and Solara's IDAP team will work with you to identify and automate the necessary data feeds to drive IDAP's powerful analytical capabilities.

IDAP can also be provided as a cloud solution, allowing your enterprise to leverage the full features of IDAP without the resources or personnel investment of onsite management.

IDAP Interpreter
Whether you have an in-house development project or you're a commercial software or hardware manufacturer, if you require a powerful analytical engine to incorporate into your project or product then the IDAP Interpreter is for you.

The IDAP Interpreter is designed for customers looking for an OEM solution to incorporate into their work seamlessly and with all the support they require.  Work with Solara's project and development teams to incorporate IDAP's powerful analytic engine and data warehouse capability into your in-house project or commercial product.

IDAP Projects Team

Are you a small team within a large enterprise and need answers to specific problems,  don't have the staff or budget for enterprise implementation or just want to see what IDAP can do? 

No problem.  The cheap Pregabalin IDAP Projects Team can take on any effort you need to outsource.  Our IDAP Projects team will meet with you personally to workout your requirements and deliverables.  Deliverable reports can be provided online as an ongoing cloud solution or physical reports delivered on monthly, quarterly, yearly or as needed bases.

Want to know more?
Talk to a Solara-Analytics team member to discuss how IDAP can get put your data to work for you. We can schedule a discussion call or demonstration at your convenience.

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