The Intelligent Data Analytical Processor - IDAP

IDAP Technology Overview

IDAP, from Solara-Analytics, is a high performance data import, analysis/reporting engine and data warehouse.  IDAP enables organizations to correlate network, financial and organization data in order to analyze usage and behavioral aspects of the enterprise.  Analysis of this data can then be utilized by many areas of the organization such as security, IT financial management, and IT service management.

IDAP Data Import
IDAP is non-invasive to your network. Data can be supplied, for IDAP to import, as simple delimited flat files, data pushed or pulled from a relational database source or a combination of both.  The types of data IDAP can work with is virtually unlimited but generally include Organization Information, Network Traffic, Financial data, IT Asset data, and Infrastructure data.  Once data sources have been identified then the IDAP Input Model can be defined.  As an example, an IDAP Model may include:

  • Business Dimensions: Organizations, Geography, Network Centers, Protocols, etc
  • Objects: IT asset and infrastructure components
  • Policy Dimensions: Services , Shifts, Rates
  • Accountability Methods: Calculated items such as charge back rates or elements based on calculations reflexing priority, shift, rate or utilization

IDAP Analysis Engine
IDAP's analysis engine performs the complex task of rapidly transforming textual flow record data into meaningful business information. This information is stored in an extensible data warehouse that has been optimized for reporting on complex analytical queries. In order to make business sense, IDAP  performs any data checking, calculations, labeling, categorization, etc. that may be required. This normalization of the data reflects the information provided about the client’s business such as departments and geography to the technical network information.

The IDAP analysis engine tackles the 'Big Data' problem and utilizes all that information to enable capabilities such as user behavior profile monitoring and predictive analytics to enhance intruder detection and/or unauthorized internal breaches. This capability also enhances compliance and enterprise risk management.

IDAP Reporting Engine

Besides delivering customized reports, IDAP's Reporting Engine allows end-users to interact with the data warehouse via an intuitive browser based interface allowing the construction of complex reports on usage of network circuits or other infrastructure by user, department, application, business function, cost centers and more. Reports are presented in a variety of formats including summary dashboards, PDF documents or in a format readable by most business intelligence applications.

IDAP's data warehouse is also accessible by other reporting and analytical tools that may be in use within the enterprise. IDAP also has integration capabilities if data needs to be shared with other type systems such as CMDB's, asset or service management applications, etc.

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