Introducing IDAP - Intelligent Data Analytical Processor

Comprehensive enterprise data analysis with proprietary technology that's non-invasive and vendor neutral.



You already have the data

Put it to work with IDAP technology

You already have great network and enterprise tools collecting huge amounts of data.  The last thing your IT staff wants is another software probing the network.

IDAP can utilize your existing technical, financial, organizational enterprise data sources, correlate them and build the behavior based picture of your enterprise you looking for. 

IDAP's data warehouse capabilities allow you store that data for future comparative analysis, detection and prediction.

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Transform Enterprise Data Into Decision Making Analysis

IT Finance  Network Security  -  IT Service Management  Network Optimization

IDAP can identify and provide answers you need to these and other areas of the enterprise!

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Implement IDAP to meet your specific goals.

IDAP Enterprise

Install IDAP in your enterprise.  IDAP provides processing and data warehouse capabilities able to scale to meet any implementation requirements and is fully supported by Solara's IDAP team.

IDAP Interpreter

Work with Solara's project and development teams to incorporate IDAP's powerful analytic engine and data warehouse capability into your in-house project or commercial product.

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IDAP Projects Team

Need answers to specific problems or questions but not looking for an enterprise implementation?  Outsource the work to the IDAP Projects Team.   Our team will work with you to identify the data requirements and produce the reports you need.

Gartner reports that CIOs rank Analytics & Business Intelligence as their #1 Priority for 2015.

Understanding how your infrastructure is performing, how it supports the business’ processes, how it’s being used, who is using it, and planning for future growth or consolidation is critical in today’s world. Security breaches at Anthem and Sony and Target illustrate how vulnerability of an enterprises infrastructure exposes it to a broad range of risk. Solara Analytics’ IDAP technology offers an important insight into managing these risks and into optimizing the investment in infrastructure.

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Talk to a Solara-Analytics team member to discuss how IDAP can get put your data to work for you. We can schedule a discussion call or demonstration at your convenience.

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